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Local resident groups



Tenant Consultative Group (TCG)

What is the Tenant Consultative Group?

The Tenant Consultative Group is a district-wide group made up mainly of City Council tenants and leaseholders.  Since it was formed it has played an important role in developing new housing policy and in improving service standards.The TCG was set up at a meeting held in Cranmer House, Canterbury, in 1994. 

Aims and objectives

 The TCG’s aims and objectives are as follows:

  • To promote tenant participation and awareness within the district
  •  To provide a means by which the City Council will consult with tenants
  • To influence discussions on housing policy and to suggest housing policy
  • To work with the council to agree service standards and to monitor performance
  • To promote a cost effective housing service
  • To represent tenants at Council and other meetings as appropriate.


There are three routes to membership of the TCG:

a) Via a tenant/resident association.  Each recognised association can nominate one of their members to represent them at TCG meetings.  The association may also nominate a substitute if their representative is unable to attend a meeting.

b) Via a recognised Forum run by East Kent Housing - at present there are representatives from  the Sheltered Housing Forum and the Disability Forum.

c) Co-option.  The TCG may co-opt members who represent minority interests if they feel that this will bring new insights to the group.

The group’s membership may include leaseholders or homeowners if their tenant/resident association nominates them.  Total membership of the group must, however, always be at least 75 per cent City Council tenants.  The main officer posts are only open to City Council tenants.


The TCG meets monthly at Thanington Neighbourhood Resource Centre, usually on the last Wednesday of the month.  Members of the public are welcome to come along to observe, but cannot take part in the discussion without the Chair’s permission.  If you wish to come along and see what goes on please contact the Resident Involvement Team on 01304 872446 or getinvolved@eastkenthousing.org.uk

Council Meetings
From its early days the TCG has had representatives on the Council's decision-making committees. Two representatives attend meetings of the Council Executive and the Community Services Scrutiny Panel to speak on behalf of tenants. To help them do this, the Tenant Consultative Group see and discuss all relevant committee papers before they go to Councillors

Environmental Improvements
Each year the Housing Service Division allocates money for 'environmental improvements' on housing estates. This pays for a variety of small projects which wouldn't attract cash support from other sources. Since 1994 the TCG has decided how and where to spend the money. 

The TCG considers all the recommendations and requests it receives - these usually add up to far more than the cash available to spend.  Anything that is left out is carried over for consideration in the following year's budget.  

Over the past few years work paid for by the Environmental Improvements budget has included things such as extra car parking, extra lighting, bin stores, landscaping and play areas

Housing has contracts with outside companies to provide services such as repairs, cleaning and grounds maintenance.  The TCG plays a role in drawing up these contracts and in selecting contractors.  Contractors attend TCG meetings regularly to report on their performance and answer members questions.  One member of the TCG meets regularly with these contractors to gain more detailed information.

Dover District Tenant Group

This local group meet with their housing team to talk over things that are happening in their communities. Their meetings are open to the public, so please come along if you have a question!

Please come along to their meetings on the following dates:          
  • 30 June 2017
  • 11 July 2017

All meetings held on a Tuesday between 10.30am – 1pm - in the Brave Room, DDC Offices, Whitfield, Dover

On the group are:

  • Brenda Lyons (Chair)
  • Dennis Haywood (Vice Chair)
  • Samm Morris (co-opted & secretary)
  • June Bailey
  • Roy Barlow
  • Lesley Hammond
  • Sarah Kidney
  • John Williams (Finance monitor)
  • David Quarrinton
  • Tessa George
  • Chris Tough (co-opted & Finance monitor)
  • Audrey Cowell (co-opted)
  • Karen Smitton (co-opted)
Dover Area Board

The representatives also make up the core membership of the Dover Area Board. Other members of the Board include two local councillors, Cllr Sue Chandler and Cllr Margaret Russell.

Shepway Tenants and Leaseholders Board

Who are the STLB?

The Shepway Tenants and Leaseholders Board (STLB) were formed in 1992 and are a group of East Kent Housing tenants and leaseholders. 

The STLB are a non-political group that represent the views and interests of tenants and leaseholders across the district. 

What does the STLB do?

The Shepway Tenants and Leaseholders Board meet quarterly to work in partnership with East Kent Housing on issues that affect our homes and estates. 

Board members receive regular training to make sure that they have the skills to work effectively with housing staff on behalf of the tenants and leaseholders they represent. 

The group play a big role in the annual Shepway Garden Competition, in which they are successful in securing sponsorship from local businesses. 

How can I get involved?

To find out more about the STLB or about other ways to get involved contact the Resident Involvement Team:

Email: getinvolved@eastkenthousing.org.uk

Tel: 01304 872446

Resident Associations in Thanet

We can provide advice and support to a group of tenants or leaseholders who would like to become a recognised association working together and campaigning for improvements or services in their area.

Current associations in Thanet:

  • Garlinge Residents Association
  • Harbour Towers Residents Association
  • Newington Community Association

If you would like to know more, contact our Resident Involvement Team by emailing:


or calling us on 

01304 872446