Good Neighbour Agreements

The Respect ASB Charter for Housing requires social landlords to be more accountable to their tenants and to work with them in helping agree and uphold standards of behaviour in their communities 

Good Neighbour Agreements are voluntary agreements between Landlords and their tenants .They seek to engage tenants  in agreeing a standard of conduct in their neighbourhoods. The Good Neighbour Agreement also reinforces tenancy agreements regarding anti social behaviour and what it means to be a good neighbour. It also reassures tenants  that local concerns around nuisance and ASB will be addressed promoting a shared set of community standards and expectations around behaviour and the rights and responsibilities of tenants  (including children and young people) the landlord and if applicable other service providers.    

The Good Neighbour Agreement sets out the tenants rights to a peaceful life and the landlord’s commitment to them. This includes the landlord telling them what they are doing to tackle antisocial behaviour, providing sensitive and flexible support to victims and witnesses, and helping create neighbourhoods that are safe, welcoming and attractive places to live.

Development promotion and use of a Good Neighbour Agreement

Landlords working with tenants should involve the whole community to discuss the content of the GNA and how it will benefit their neighbourhood. This could be achieved by organising open forums where tenants can address their concerns. This will give them a sense of ownership of the GNA which could promote other community activities enhancing the sense of cohesion in the area. Alternatively a draft GNA could be made up and sent to every tenant in the neighbourhood asking for their comments before it is finalised.  

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