Mystery Shopping

 At East Kent Housing we want to deliver a great and reliable service. We believe the best people to make sure our services are up to scratch are the people who use them.

We recruit and train resident volunteers to test our services and let us know where we need to improve - these are our mystery shoppers.

What is mystery shopping?
Mystery shopping gives residents the chance to 'reality' check services to make sure East Kent Housing (EKH) is doing what we say we'll do.

Mystery shoppers pose as 'real' customers and contact EKH to test services. Mystery shoppers record their experiences and give feedback to EKH which is used to identify improvements.

What mystery shopping isn't:
Mystery shopping isn't about catching staff out; it's about working together to highlight issues, identify training needs and improve services.

Mystery shopping is also a great way to recognise staff who demonstrate excellent customer service.

And... in case you hadn't guessed... there's no actual shopping involved!

Did you know?
Whilst we can't pay you to be a mystery shopper, we do provide you with free training and a pre-paid phone to carry out the mystery shops in the comfort of your own home.

How can I become a Mystery Shopper?
Please contact the Resident Involvement team by:

Calling: 01304 872446

Completing our online application form


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