Fences in or around your garden or estate

A fence around your garden is used to define the boundary of your property as well as provide privacy and safety for you and your family. It is important that before any repair work is carried out to your fence – you know who is responsible for it, here is some advice to help you

  • If you have put up a fence in your garden – then it will be your responsibility to repair it.  Sometimes the fence may be between you and a neighbour  - so it’s important before any repairs or new fences are put up that you find out who is responsible for the fence.  
  • As a tenant you are responsible for repairing or replacing fences unless it borders a public highway, path or playing field.  
  • If you want to replace your fence yourself – you must contact us for permission and be aware that your new fence will be your responsibility to repair and maintain.

If you are unsure about a fence in your garden – get in touch with us for advice.  

If you spot a broken fence in a communal area please report it to Mears so it can be repaired.


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