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Action taken on home safety checks

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East Kent Housing has made substantial progress in relation to a range of health and safety issues affecting council housing across East Kent, and robust programmes of work and mitigation measures are in place to tackle those that remain.

We continue to work with the four councils to resolve outstanding issues and can confirm that

- we are 100% gas compliant
- all legionella actions will be completed by the end of the year
- all emergency lighting has now been repaired
- all lifts have had an insurance check
- fire risk actions have been prioritised and will be completed over the next 18 months.

The Chief Executive of East Kent Housing said: "We would like to thank tenants for their patience and say sorry for any worries these issues have caused them. We are pleased to see that the auditors say they have seen evidence of significant improvements. Resident health and safety remains our top priority. The progress made reflects the efforts of EKH's staff, and everyone is committed to completing the remaining work as quickly as possible."


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