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Are you calling us?

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We have changed our telephone options to make it easier for you. So please listen carefully when you call us to make sure you get through to the right team.

Please listen carefully when you call us as we have changed the phone options for you to choose from to get through to our services.

Listen carefully and choose either:

  • For rent or payment enquiries press 1
  • To report a repair press 2
  • For housing press 3

Option 1 is for rent or payment enquiries and you need to choose between:

  1. For a Housing Benefit query press 1
  2. To make a payment press 2
  3. To discuss your rent account press 3  
  4. To speak to a Benefit and Money Advisor press 4

Option 2 is for repairs - The popular options are:

  • To report a household or communal repair to Mears press 1 
  • To report a gas, hot water or central heating repair press 2

Other options are local area specific so listen carefully and select the right option for:

  • To report a repair for a UPVC window or door press 3 (Not for Canterbury or Thanet)
  • For enquiries about kitchens, bathrooms, roofs
  • For disabled aids and adaptions

Option 3 is for housing - you need to select what service you need:

  • For rubbish or fly tipping enquiries - press 1 to go through to the councils waste team
  • To find a new home, housing register or mutual exchange enquiries press 2  (including Housing waiting lists)
  • For Leasehold or Right to Buy enquiries press 3 
  • For a garage enquiry press 4 
  • For all other housing enquiries press 5 (if you have a question about your tenancy or need to speak to a Neighbourhood Manager)


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