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Submit an idea for our Environmental Improvement Programme 2018

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What could be improved where you live? Then why not submit it into the 2018 EIP...

Do you have an idea that could benefit where you and your neighbours live? Then why not apply for your idea to be funded through our Environmental Improvement Programme 2018.

About the Environmental Improvement Programme

Every year we ask residents for ideas for improvements in their local community. Here are some projects we've funded in previous years:

  • Building new bin areas to improve the look of rubbish storage areas
  • Install fencing or bollards to protect grassed areas from being parked on
  • Improve drying areas so people have better places to dry their washing
  • Lay tarmac or hard standing to make an area safe
  • Put benches in a communal garden or grassed area

Submit an idea for the Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP)2018
Following feedback from our residents group, we have opened up the application stage for EIP 2018 much earlier than ever before.  Residents can submit their ideas from now until Thursday 30 November 2017 using our online form:

Please note, we won't be contact residents who have submitted an idea for the EIP 2018 until after the closing date.  

Important information about our Environmental Improvements Programme (EIP) 

Before you submit your idea for a project, please read the following information as it will help you understand the types of project we are looking for.

What is an Environmental Improvement Project?

It is a physical project providing benefit for residents, such as:

  • Improving safety
  • Improving the appearance of an area
  • Improving cleanliness/tidiness of an area
  • Improving the use of an area
  • Contribute to the health and well-being of residents

Who can apply for an EIP?

  • Tenants and Leaseholders
  • Local Council or EKH staff
  • Local Councillors
  • Police/Community Safety Unit
  • Residents Groups
  • Neighbourhood Watch Groups

What can you apply for?

Here are some examples:

  • Enhancing current communal gardens/areas
  • Protecting land with bollards
  • Fencing to create boundaries and provide safety/security
  • Improving current bin stores/drying areas
  • Refurbishing railings
  • Upgrade a play area

What is the EIP funding criteria?

The project must be:

  • Of benefit to a community rather than an individual
  • On land owned by your local Council and managed by East Kent Housing
  • In areas of mostly Council owned housing
  • An improvement to the appearance of an area or contribute positively to the health, safety and well-being of residents
  • Affordable for on-going maintenance costs
  • A minor impact on other services
  • Affordable
  • Not able to be funded from another budget
  • Have support from significant numbers of local people
  • Straightforward to implement and be completed within a reasonable timescale


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