P&R your new central heating contractor

From the 1st April, P&R will be looking after your central heating repairs service from 1 April 2017, which includes gas, hot water and central heating system repairs (including coal, wood and solar).

It's very important that you continue to report any central heating repairs to Swale Heating until 31 March 2017 using the usual contact details for your area.

How will I know who to call?
We will be promoting this change to our residents from February so look out for the leaflets being sent to you and updates on our website and Facebook pages.  You don't need to contact P&R to report a central heating repair until 1 April 2017.

Received a letter about a Gas Safety Inspection?
Please follow the instructions and if you need to rearrange your appointment please contact P&R using the contact numbers provided in your letter.  Read more about Gas Safety Inspection

Look out for more updates through the information leaflets sent out with letters from East Kent Housing in March, on our website and Facebook Page.

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