About our Board

Our Board of Directors is made up of Colin Carmichael, Chief Executive of Canterbury City Council; Nadeem Aziz, Chief Executive of Dover District Council; Madeline Homer, Chief Executive of Thanet District Council and Susan Priest, Head of Paid Service at Folkestone & Hythe District Council. 

Purpose, role and responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The board has ultimate responsibility for the governance of the organisation. Its key role is to:

  • Determine strategy and direction of the organisation as agreed by the Councils
  • Set out the values, vision and mission for the organisation
  • Monitor performance to ensure that the organisation achieves its aims and objectives and delivers its plans and budgets
  • Seek assurance of the integrity of financial information, approving the annual budget, the business plan and annual accounts
  • Oversee systems of internal controls including establishing and reviewing a scheme of delegation
  • Establishing a framework for the management of risk to safeguard the assets and reputation of the organisation
  • Satisfy itself that the organisation affairs are conducted lawfully with appropriate standards of probity
  • Regularly review the code of governance and agree a statement of compliance/non compliance in the annual accounts
  • Review annually the governance of the organisation and assess the performance of the board and its sub groups and committees
  • Ensure that the organisation meets standards set by the appropriate regulatory bodies 
  • Ensure that the organisation fulfils its obligations to the four local authorities and fosters good relationships with each council
  • Ensure that there is effective communication with and feedback from tenants/leaseholders and other stakeholders including regulators
  • Adopt and monitor strategies to meet the needs of the diverse communities served by the organisation and champion the cause of equalities within the organisation
  • Promote an ethos of openness, transparency and accountability to all stakeholders
  • Agree a schedule of reserved items that must be agreed by the Board and cannot be delegated to officers or sub committees
  • Forster a good working relationship with the Managing Director and other senior staff
  • Appoint /dismiss the Managing Director and approve his/her salary, benefits and terms of employment

Did you know?
There are also a Residents' Panel and local resident groups, made up of tenants and leaseholders who meet regularly and ensure the local needs of tenants in your council area are met.  The groups submit ideas, feedback and projects to the main Board to consider. 


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