Different types of feedback you can make

Definitions of each type of feedback

This section includes information about the different types of feedback

  • A comment can be anything you would like to tell us including suggestions or ideas about our services.
  • A complaint is defined as: ‘An expression of dissatisfaction regarding the action, lack of action or standard of service received from East Kent Housing or any person(s) acting on behalf of East Kent Housing.’
  • A compliment is ‘a statement of praise: something said to express praise or approval’. Compliments will be recorded when a customer has made a specific effort to give praise such as telephoning or writing to show their satisfaction or appreciation for a service or a member of staff.
What can I complain about?

Examples of a complaint might include:

  • Failing to provide a service;

  • Providing a poor standard of service;

  • Failing to meet our published service standards;

  • Treating you unfairly;

  • Failing to follow our own policies or procedures.

What isn't classed as a complaint:
There are complaints raised by customers that will not be dealt with through our complaints procedure as they may include:

  •  A request for a service or information e.g. “my boiler’s broken can you send someone to fix it” or “I need to move house, this place is too big for me now”.  We would ask that any repairs are reported through our usual procedure and if you need to move, please visit this online section for advice.
  • Complaints about neighbours or anti-social behaviour which should be dealt with through our ASB policy and procedures. Please visit our online ASB section
  • Complaints that we don't have any authority of responsibility to investigate or deal with.  This may include, a service or repair that is the responsibility of another organisation or local authority such as pot holes in a road, or repairs on non-council owned land.  It may also include criminal activities that must be reported to Kent Police or the relevant emergency services. 

You might be be interested in reading our: Vexatious Complaints Policy

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