Tenancy Fraud case study

Tenancy fraud case study 

East Kent Housing received complaints regarding non occupation of one of our properties. The tenant had put in a right to buy the property and we received information that her husband had moved to an address elsewhere and she was living with him.  The Neighbourhood Manager contacted the Housing Association who manages this property and they confirmed that the lady was living with her husband. They also provided documentation which was registered to this address. This included signed documentation saying she had been living with her husband since July although she was claiming full housing benefit in Shepway. 

As she was not living at the property East Kent Housing served a Notice to Quit and called the tenant and her husband into the office. We advised them we suspected Housing Benefit fraud following information from another source that they were living in another property elsewhere. As a result of this, the tenant gave up her tenancy and this is now being investigated by Housing Benefit Fraud in Shepway and the other area they moved to. 

If this fraud had gone on undetected the tenant would have continued with the Right to Buy her property and taken advantage of the maximum discount of £77,000. She would also have continued to claim full housing benefit on her property although she was not living there. By acting on information received this saved Folkestone & Hythe District Council a great deal of money.

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